When In Rome

I’ve been daydreaming about the fairytale city that is Rome all day so I thought I’d put my daydreams to good use for once and scribble about my recent trip. We landed in Rome late on Friday night, but it didn’t stop us from exploring. We strolled around the city streets at 1am as restaurants … More When In Rome

Coffee for One

There is something so comforting about watching the world go by with a warm mug of coffee in your hands. I’m a true introvert so I adore spending time by myself. It calms me down and gives me the time to be alone with the dozens of thoughts whizzing around my mind. I love peaceful … More Coffee for One

Friday Morning

  I love Friday mornings. On Friday mornings I can stay snuggled up in bed, instead of shivering at a crowded bus stop, waiting for the number 18 bus that never arrives on time. On Friday mornings I can wear my pajamas and my comfiest sweater, instead of stumbling around my room, searching for a pair … More Friday Morning

A Rainy Friday

I can hear the rain hitting off the roof of our kitchen. Drip, drop, drip, drop. Our back garden looks dull and harsh. The abandoned swing set at the back of our garden is rusting. The barks of the trees have darkened. The socks and underwear that are hung on the washing line are soaking wet. … More A Rainy Friday