Life Lessons Gilmore Girls Taught Me

I always end up binge watching a TV show during the summer. This year I turned to Gilmore Girls where I entered the world of Stars Hollow, coffee and Jess Mariano.

I learned a lot from watching Gilmore Girls. It showed me how important your relationship with your Mam is, it reminded me of how fragile and exciting your first love is and it also made me feel better about the amount of coffee I drink. However, nobody thought me more than the ladies of Stars Hollow. From Lorelai to Babette, I learned an important lessons from each lady on the show.


I relate to Lorelai in many ways, mainly because she loves coffee and The Bratpack just as much as I do. However, what I loved most about Lorelai was her determination. She taught me to keep going no matter what. Breakups, money troubles, family feuds and even Taylor Doose never stopped Lorelai from achieving her dreams.


I’m just going to be honest and say that Rory turned out to be one of my least favourite characters on the show. I loved her in the early seasons when she always had a book in her hand and was so focused on her studies. She reminded me of my younger self, but once she went to Yale I felt like she changed and I lost a little love for the youngest Gilmore girl. Rory did teach me one thing and that is the fact that your mam will be there for you no matter what *sings* “All you have to do is call my name and I’ll be there on the next train.”


Sookie was the greatest bundle of joy on the show. Whenever she was on screen I felt so comforted and at ease. She was like a warm mug of tea on a rainy day. Her sunny disposition and bubbly attitude has inspired me to be more positive. Everybody needs a friend like Sookie St. James.


21c1a9de7febf0cbd075f2dd4e50bdf7Emily’s story in the revival series managed to break my heart and put it back together again. Throughout the four episodes we see her deal with Richard’s death (which I will never ever get over) and make huge lifestyle changes. Emily showed me that the dark days will make you a better, stronger and truer version of yourself.


Paris may have been intimidating and overly competitive, but she worked hard and never lost focus on her goals. She reminded me to never settle for anything but the best.


Lane was one of my favourite characters on the show. And she certainly did not deserve that crummy ending in the revival season. She dealt with Mrs.Kim’s strict home rules for so long, and finally gathered up the courage to move away from what was holding her back. Lane taught me the greatest lesson out of everyone and that is to never let anyone hold you back from doing what you love.



I didn’t exactly learn a life lesson from Babette, but she is my hero. When I grow up I want to be Babette Dell.

Sincerely Yours,



March Favourites

It’s hard to believe it’s time to say hello to April already. I’m sad to say goodbye to March; it’s been a month full of happy days and huge highs. I had a really good feeling that this month would be a good one. March certainly lived up to my expectations; from pub quizzes to being published and from falling in love with Chris Evans to family days by the sea. I spent the majority of this month smiling like the Cheshire Cat so I thought I’d share my favourite things that made March so marvelous.

Alrighty, I am going to try my utmost best not to ramble on and on about this phenomenal franchise, because I can and I will for days if I don’t control myself. March was the month where I decided to delve into the Marvel world and see what all the fuss was about; and oh boy do I understand the fuss. I have fallen head over heels in love with all the Marvel films (except Ant Man! I still need to see the beautiful Paul Rudd in action) but the others… OH WOW. From The Avengers to Iron Man to Thor to my one true love Captain America. I cannot get enough of these characters (mostly Cap) they’re all so different and fun and attractive- seriously what angel blessed us with the Avengers cast because having Mark Rufallo, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans on screen at the same time is a true blessing. I love the excitement of these films, the drama, the action, the wittiness, the muscles… oh the muscles. 
Chris Evans
Whilst we’re talking about all things Marvel I just have to mention Chris Evans, because I am crushing on his man, oh I am crushing bad. Friends of mine have been dealing with never ending snapchats of Chris Evans for the past couple of weeks (sorry Laura and Shell). I think I’m slightly in love with this man… but how could I not be! He’s talented, goofy, he’s got the greatest accent, he’s both cute and hot (how does he do that) and he can rock a cardigan- what more could I want? I would like to apologise to whoever is sitting near me in the cinema when I go to see Civil War; there will be a lot of flailing, squealing and possible crying- my sincerest apologies in advance. 

Once Upon A Time
I’ve been watching this magical programme for a few years now, but I am more in love with it than ever before. Once Upon A Time has excelled this season. The script writing is better than ever, they’ve brought back some of my favourite characters- Cruella, darling! and the Underworld is an amazing setting, it’s eerie and grim but so exciting too; you never know who’s going to pop up next. Also, HADES… what a man! I think he’s my favourite villain of all time. He’s so slick and sassy yet so evil. I adore him and damn the man can rock a three piece suit!
Live Music
March is always a strong month of music for me. I’ve always been lucky enough to attend at least one gig during this music filled month over the past couple of years. This year I headed along to The Choice Music Prize award show with my wonderful friends Niamh and Laura. What I loved about this gig was that it was celebrating Irish music, new Irish music. I got to watch some incredibly talented Irish acts such as Hamsandwich, The Academic and Villagers perform. I was also introduced to a tonne of new Irish artists that’ll be gracing the airwaves in no time. 
I also got to see one of my all time favourite bands The 1975 live at the end of this month. I have been lucky enough to see them live twice already at smaller venues so seeing them perform at the 3Arena was insane. Like always the lads put on an incredible show with a flawless set list. I’m still shocked that I got to hear fallingforyou and You live; as well as the new music from their second album- She’s American live is a real gem. 
Floral Patterns
If you take a peak inside my wardrobe you’ll see a never ending row of floral skirts. I’ve got at least fifteen floral skirts for Spring days and now that the sun has made an appearance I can finally wear them. One of my favourite things to wear at the moment are my floral dungarees that my bestie Laura gave me. They’re so comfortable (seriously it’s like wearing your pjs) but they’re also really quirky, which is the perfect word to describe my style. I can’t wait to start rocking flower crowns, wear my floral skirts on beach days and fill my room with vases of summer flowers. They’re the perfect accessory for Spring and Summer- Nick Miller knows it.
That’s what I’ve been loving this March. It truly was a marvelous month thanks to fabulous family events, new movies to obsess over, sweet days with the greatest friends and the best concerts ( and mainly because of Chris Evans. It’s only a minor crush, a teeny tiny one…) 
Here’s to a great April full of adventures and more happy days. 
Share your March favourites with me in the comment section.