Being A Sensitive Person Is Perfectly Fine


I’ve grown awfully tired of hearing people use the word ‘sensitive’ as an insult. It baffles me that people still use phrases like, “Oh they are far too sensitive” in a negative way because being a sensitive person is actually a good thing.

I would have been offended if someone said I was being overly sensitive when I was in school, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that there are so many positive aspects to being sensitive.

Sensitive people are known for being extremely intuitive, which helps when one of your close friends is feeling down or acting differently. I worry about the people I love a lot, and if that makes me ‘overly sensitive’ then I’ll happily be that way.

Psychotherapist and author Andrea Wachter wrote about the perks of being a highly sensitive person for HuffPost:
“You have a very deep compassion and understanding for the struggles that other people face. Sensitive people can make excellent partners, parents, friends and healers.”
Another wonderful thing about being ‘way too sensitive’ is the desire to be a people pleaser. I love making people happy. It’s one of my biggest priorities in life, and it’s the main reason I became a volunteer. I like helping people because I care A LOT, and that is a trait everyone should be proud of.

You’ll always come across people who will point our your ‘weaknesses’ but I’ve come to realise that if you look at these so-called ‘flaws’ in a different light they can actually be quite wonderful traits.

Apparently, sensitive folks make up 20 percent of the world’s population so it’s important to remember you’re not alone, especially when people insult you about your sensitive ways.

We need to forget about the negative aspects and the silly remarks and focus on the positives, which we tend to neglect.

Ignore the people who tell you to toughen up and embrace your sensitive soul.

Sincerely Yours,



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