It’s Just My Skin

For the first time in a very long time I smiled when I looked in the mirror today. My sleepy eyes looked at my reflection and I didn’t have a heavy, disheartened feeling in my chest. I felt calm. I felt happy with who I saw looking back at me. In the mirror I saw 21 year old me wearing a creased 1975 t-shirt, my eyes were grey and sleepy, but the spark was back, my skin looked fresh, not completely clear, like always there was a spot or two on my chin, my hair was tied up in a ponytail with half of it falling around my shoulders. I didn’t look stereotypically beautiful. I wasn’t wearing one of my best dresses, my hair wasn’t curled and I didn’t have my favourite red lipstick on, but I felt beautiful, for the first time in a very long time.

I used to have really bad skin during my teenage years. My spots made me feel like a hideous monster. I tried to cover them up with Essence concealer, cheap Natural Collection foundation or any other make up that matched (or didn’t match) my pale skin. I’d go to bed with a face covered in sudocrem to try help. I went to the doctor and went on all kinds of tablets and creams to try get rid of my acne. 

Thankfully, years later my skin is better, a lot better! I don’t think it’s ever been as clear as it is these days. It feels amazing having makeup free days and smiling when I catch a glimpse of my reflection. It feels so good to love how I look again. There are three special things that are keeping it clear (ish) Growing up is one of them, my skin was bad during my teenage years, the years when puberty causes the skin to go a tad insane. They say time is a healer and it’s certainly true when it comes to my skin. When I was 16/17 I never thought I’d have a normal complexion, but here we are five years later on the road to clear skin, hooray!

Another thing that’s helped me a lot lately is good ol H20 and peppermint tea. Ooooh two perfect, guilt free drinks. Drinking three to four pints of water a day has helped keep my skin hydrated. It has also prevented me from looking like I’ve got the chicken pox. Peppermint tea has done the same, it’s a little miracle worker and the tastiest drink to sip on. It has numerous health benefits, but I’ve noticed my skin has a healthy glow again since I started drinking peppermint tea. It soothes skin inflammation and the menthol in peppermint tea prevents the release of oils from the sebaceous glands, which stops your skin from producing too many oils. I drink the twining’s peppermint tea which is about €2.50 for a box of twenty. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

Lastly, the one skincare product that has saved me from horrific break outs is the Soap and Glory 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash. There are a tonne of reasons why I swear by this product. Firstly, it smells heavenly, like all Soap and Glory products do. Secondly, it washes your make up away in a matter of seconds. You know when you get home after a late night out and dread having to wash off all your makeup? Well you won’t have to anymore thanks to this product. It brightens your skin and makes it feel as smooth as silk. It has made my skin look alive and fresh again. I’d highly suggest you picking up a bottle of this stuff (which last a very long time too)I LOVE IT! 
If you’re struggling with bad skin don’t let it get to you. I spent way too long worrying over my spots and stopped myself from going out and enjoying life. These tips may help you like they’ve helped me so do try them out. Bad skin does not make you ugly or unappealing or unwanted. Don’t let your spots define you. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.



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