VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2016

After 1 hour and 28 minutes I crossed the finish line at the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon with a bright red, sweaty face and a big Cheshire Cat grin. I am so proud to say that I took part on behalf of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and so far I have raised €200 for them. If you want to donate please do, every single penny counts https://give.everydayhero.com/ie/kat-s-fundraising-page-for-the-rcc.

I adore taking part in the mini marathon because it’s such an empowering day. The atmosphere was electric (even though we all got caught in the lashing rain for an hour) and everyone was in high spirits. There is something so special about seeing thousands of women out supporting tonnes of different charities, from the DSPCA to the Irish Cancer Society. It filled me with so much joy knowing that every single person that took part in the marathon raised money for charity and that each and every one of us that took part have helped make a difference. I love working for charity and fundraising, so knowing that over 35’000 people popped on their runners and ran/walked/crawled their way to the finish line for charity filled my heart with all of the fuzzy feelings.

There’s a point in the marathon where you have to go up and down the N11, I personally think it’s the toughest part and I’ve always struggled with it the past three times I’ve taken part. I was past the 5km mark and I hit a slump. I was completely shattered (which is no surprise considering I get tired walking up the stairs) but what kept me going was thinking of all the women that the Rape Crisis Centre helps. Those courageous, strong women are the reason I kept running. They’re the true warriors. I am so grateful and proud that together we’ve managed to raise €200 so far for the victims of sexual abuse that the Rape Crisis Centre support and care for. This money will go a long way and will help so many people. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre are there to help anyone who has experienced sexual violence of any kind. This money will help them to continue the incredible work that they’re doing.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart if you donated and for all the support.



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