Flaws: Acne Scars and Stretch Marks

The Waves by Kat O’ Connor

The pressure to look perfect drowns me everyday. Thoughts about my appearance flood my mind like rough waves at sea on a dark November night. I struggle to swim away. 

I use every ounce of energy I have to fight them; they push me under into the ocean, I choke on the harsh salty seawater, my eyes burn and my bones ache from trying to hold my feeble body up above the surface.

But it’s too hard, the sea has a strength that I will never defeat. I let the waves take over, I let them take control of me. They toss my weak, pale body around and take me further and further away from the shore.

So, I know I haven’t posted on here in over a month but, I took a major confidence blow recently and haven’t felt like blogging at all. However, I have been dabbling in creative writing again which has helped me feel a lot better. I wrote the poem above when I was feeling really low about my looks and who I am, which inspired today’s blog post. 

We often encounter nasty, judgmental people in life. Unfortunately it’s just the way life is. People point out your flaws to belittle you and to make themselves feel better. I’ll never understand why people do this. It’s nice to be nice and we should always compliment one another and spread positive vibes. Why call someone fat when you can compliment their curves and make them feel good. Why mock someone’s quirky fashion sense when you can tell them you admire their brave style. Why insult someone’s long, lanky legs when you can tell them they’ve got legs fit for the catwalk. Picking somebody apart and being nasty about their appearance or who they are is beyond cruel. Stop wasting energy on being negative and start to be a kind, positive person to those around you and to yourself too. Our flaws are part of who we are and we should love every part of ourselves.

We all have our flaws. We are all self conscious about certain parts of ourselves whether it’s your freckles or your frizzy hair. We’ve all got something we’re not too fond of. I don’t like my nose or my chubby belly, but what we need to do is learn to love our flaws. We have to embrace the parts of us that we’re not too crazy about. If applying fake tan makes you feel better, do it. If you want to shave all of your hair off and wear an orange wig, do it. If you want to wear black clothes everyday, do it. Do what makes you feel good. Do whatever it takes to love who you are.

Always remember that your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.



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