Top Tips For When You’re Stressed

The end of the college year is in sight, exams are around the corner and the assignments are piling up. It’s a stressful time of year for us students. Our sleeping patterns are terrible due to late night study sessions, we’re ordering 3 in 1’s for dinner more than we should be and we’re slowly starting to look like extras from The Walking Dead. It’s a tough time of  year so today I am going to share my best tips for dealing with the end of college year stress.

Drink: I’m afraid I’m not talking about alcohol, I’m talking about water. It is recommended that the average person should drink at least 4 pints of water a day. All of our organs, including the brain need water to function properly so if you’re dehydrated your body won’t be in a good enough state to be dealing with your study sessions that go on until 4am. Water has numerous other benefits like clearing up your skin and boosting your energy levels. Abandon that bottle of white wine until your exams are over and replace it with plenty of H20.

Sleep: You may think that staying up until 3am every night to cram for your exams is a good idea; you’ll learn more and coffee will prevent you from feeling too tired, right? Wrong! Not getting enough sleep will make you even more stressed than you already are. We are meant to get approximately 8 hours sleep a night. I’m a night owl, I tend to stay up ’til all hours reading, writing, aimlessly scrolling through Twitter and binge watching tv series on Netflix; it’s the worst thing for you do to. When you’re tired you become more agitated and you struggle to concentrate. How are you supposed to write a four page essay about the Bronte sisters when you’re running on two hours sleep? Put the books away at a reasonable hour and get a decent nights sleep, you’ll feel much better if you do (I know, I sound like my mother)

Eat Healthily: When you’re stressed you turn to comfort food; cupcakes, McDonalds chicken nuggets and Dominos pizza become staples in your everyday diet. They taste great but they’re the worst things to be eating during stressful periods of time. Junk food has numerous harmful effects on the body. It leaves you feeling sluggish, it only supplies you with short bursts of energy and can cause problems when it comes to ones memory and attention span. You will be able to manage your stress better when you’re in a healthy state. Throw away the leaflets for your local take away and stock up on fruit and vegetables. Drinking a smoothie during your lunch break will be far more beneficial than eating half a packet of Oreos.

Exercise: I know the last thing you want to do is go to the gym when you’ve got a politics assignment due, an English exam to study for and a 2000 word report to write for your marketing module, but trust me it will help. Exercise is a great way to tackle stress because it boosts the production of endorphins in your brain. By focusing on the exercise you’re doing will help calm your mind and distract you from stressful thoughts about your exams. So, grab your runners and go on a twenty minute jog around the local park; even if you do run like Phoebe from Friends.



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