Monday Music: Vance Joy

Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve decided to start a new little series on my blog where I write a music themed post every Monday. I find that listening to music is the perfect way to beat the Monday blues. Keep reading if you’re feeling low after a long day at the office or a hectic day at college because I’ve got the perfect artist to introduce you to that will make your Monday a lot brighter.

Vance Joy is an Australian singer/songwriter that writes the most charming indie/folk-pop songs. His music fills my day with joy (hehe see what I did there) and he never fails to charm me with his lyrics. The Australian singer/songwriter is best known for his hit song Riptide which dominated the top ten charts all across the globe in places such as Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Riptide has sold over one million copies world wide and rightly so, I personally believe it’s one of the best indie/folk-pop songs of all time. If you’re Irish like myself you may hear the jingle playing on the Irish Life advert (great choice guys.)

As well as Riptide there are a mountain of sweet, indie/folk-pop tracks by the curly haired singer/songwriter for you to listen to. I constantly have his EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing playing. The EP is made up of five achingly beautiful songs; including my top tracks Riptide and From Afar. Vance released his debut album Dream Your Life Away in September 2014, a year after releasing his debut EP. His album makes me dream of summer days at the beach when the sun is shining in the sky and it’s beams are bouncing off the clear blue water; it’s mesmerizing.

Bless your ears with Vance Joy’s charming tracks on Spotify where you can listen to both his debut EP and debut album for free! I’d recommend listening to Riptide, First Time, Mess Is Mine, Georgia,From Afar and Red Eye- these songs make my days brighter and I hope they do the same for you. I can’t get enough of this wonderfully talented Aussie and his enchanting music.
Check out Vance Joy’s latest single ‘fire and the flood’ which is out now. You can also download Vance Joy’s debut album Dream Your Life Away for €11.99 on iTunes today.



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