International Women’s Day 2016- Our Fight For Equality

Happy International Women’s Day. Today, Tuesday March 8th 2016 marks International Women’s Day. This day is so important for women all around the world. International Women’s Day is a global celebration that honours women’s social, cultural, political and economic achievements. This day also encourages women to stand up and fight for their rights and to make their voices heard. Women are faced with numerous issues that we should not have to deal with; cat calling, poorer job opportunities, unequal pay, society viewing us as the less intelligent sex, the dismissal of our abilities and talents, the pressure to look perfect, abortion laws that give the State control over our bodies, the inadequate representation of women in both the arts and politics, sexism in the workplace and sexual assault because people fail to listen when we say no. It is time for us to stand up, to raise our voices and to fight. It is time for women to be treated equally. to be given equal opportunities, to be respected and to be accepted.
Us women have achieved so much, yet people still look at us as the inferior sex. We deal with sexism every single day; from men blaming our bad moods on our periods to people believing we are too weak to carry something. A man in work told me that I didn’t have the ability to lift a box up today- “Oh you couldn’t possibly lift that, love” he said as he smugly looked at me- a petite, curly haired girl wearing a stripey H&M dress and tattered brogues. The pride I felt when I lifted up the box and smiled at him and replied with a chirpy “Oh, I think I’ll be perfectly fine, thanks” was immense. Women are strong, talented and powerful. We are perfectly capable of doing what men do and then some.

It’s important to honour and remember the incredibly inspiring women whose achievements will inspire us to put a stop to the inequality we deal with. J.K Rowling was the first female novelist to become a billionaire after the massive success of her Harry Potter series, Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go to space, Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across  the English channel, Amy Hughes ran 53 marathons in 53 days which is the highest record of marathons run in consecutive days by any person, Taylor Swift became the first woman in the world to win Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards twice. These are only a minor number of women that we can honour and admire today. We cannot let inequality stop us from celebrating the massive achievements women have made. We can make a difference in the world. We can achieve our dreams. We will be treated equally! We can do it!
It’s time for the world to recognise us for who we really are; strong, powerful, talented women! Celebrate your own achievements, support your fellow females, embrace self love and girl power, honour the women you look up to and join in on the battle for gender parity today. Wishing all you ladies a very happy International Women’s Day.


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