My First Tattoo

A very Happy New Year to you. One of my 2016 Goals was to get a tattoo. It was definitely one of the biggest goals I had on my list so I wasn’t 100% sure if I would achieve it or not. However, during a lovely trip to town with my college pals I decided to pop into a few places and get the tattoo I wanted priced.

The first place I called into was The Ink Factory on Wellington Quay. I had previously read some brilliant reviews about The Ink Factory online so I felt really good about the place. There was a brilliant and lively vibe in The Ink Factory; which is also a piercing shop, a barbers and coffee shop, too cool, right? I got my tattoo priced and pottered back out to my friends. After a little bit of deliberating and a lot of jumping about I decided to just jump at the chance and be spontaneous so I headed back into the shop and luckily enough there was a space open for me to get the tattoo done.

I was very lucky to have my two college pals with me because I was ridiculously nervous. However, it was also brilliant to share all the excitement with two great friends. My tattoo artist Sandor was an absolute sweetheart which was a relief (I felt extremely intimidated by how cool the place was).

Me and the two Laura’s (they should start a band) headed down to Sandor’s work station and he drew up the design for my tattoo, popped the stencil on my wrist and then it was TATTOO TIME. I don’t have a fear of needles, but I was still pretty nervous. The tattooing process took about five minutes, if even! I felt no pain whatsoever, it was more so like an irritating itch I couldn’t scratch. My tattoo cost €60 and the overall process took under a half hour. The atmosphere and music playing in The Ink Factory made the entire experience so much better. It really made me feel so relaxed and there’s nothing better than hearing Fleetwood Mac playing on the speakers!

I am over the moon with how my tattoo came out. I got a semicolon on my right wrist. I love how dainty it looks. The meaning behind my tattoo is so special. “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life”. The semicolon represents my strength and reminds me that my story isn’t over. My tattoo raises mental health awareness and it’s also a really quirky way to represent me as a writer. Writing is one of the biggest parts of my life so I love having something to represent it that is with my forever. 13695110_1129138440462928_1727164043_n

I am beyond happy with how it looks and I still can’t believe I have a tattoo. It was such a spontaneous decision to get it done, but as my cousin Emma says “spontaneous decisions leave us with the best memories.”

Check out The Ink Factory online I highly recommend them- such a brilliant, lively and professional place.



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