Get Lonely With Me


The inspiration for this weeks blog post came from the quote “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” I came across this quote months ago when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. We’re all aware that Instagram is always full of motivational and sometimes cheesy quotes. I’ve been guilty of uploading the odd inspirational quote to Instagram, however none of them ever made such a big impact on me like this one about spending time alone did.

I never thought being alone was a good thing. I always felt this pressure to be surrounded by friends or family. This pressure came from school, a place full of cliques. you know the stereotypical cliques you see in teen movies? Our school had a popular girl, the stereotypical popular girl like Claire in The Breakfast Club or Regina George in Mean Girls. The stereotypes made me feel like I was less important than others because I wasn’t one of the ‘popular’ girls. I wasn’t unpopular or isolated, I had a wonderful group of witty and unique pals in secondary school, some of whom are still my best friends. However, there was always this pressure to get the most likes on a status, or to have over one hundred Facebook friends. I remember 16 year old Kat worrying over nonsense like why only six of her friends liked her new photos from her Gaeltacht trip. These ridiculous standards set by society stopped me from enjoying my own company.

I was relying on other people to make myself happy, which is so unhealthy. At the start of this year I changed my ways after I lost someone who was once the most important person in my life. Over the past few years I have lost people who I thought would always be part of my life. I felt lost and clueless without their company. I spent way too long walking on someone else’s path, I was living life through their eyes, but I eventually got back on my own path and started living life for me.

Relying purely on other people to make you happy isn’t healthy, because they’re not always going to be there. However, you’re always going to be with you. You’re stuck with you forever, so learning to accept yourself and being happy with your own company is beyond important. It’s one of the most important things you can do to improve your life.

It’s certainly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel comfortable with who I am. I love who I am. I love my crazy love for John Hughes’ work and my bad dancing. I enjoy spending time alone because I am finally happy with who I am. Some of my favourite days of 2015 have been the ones where I was by myself. From evening walks on the beach in Devon to John Hughes movie marathons, sipping on tea in newly discovered cafe’s to quiet days at the library with my Brat Pack book. I love looking back on these days because the person that made me feel so happy and so good was me, Kat.

Spend some time alone. Find a new cafe. Go on a morning stroll in your local park. Visit the cinema or go to an art gallery. Enjoy being with you & enjoy your own company.


(and yes I did use a George Ezra song title as this blogs title, I couldn’t help it hehe)


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