When I was in the car on Friday morning the song ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes started to play on the radio. The lyrics “home is wherever i’m with you” stuck with me all weekend and are the reason behind this weekends post. 

As time goes by we travel to new places, walk down different streets and live in different houses. We don’t stand still in the one place from the day we are born until our final hours on the planet. We move around, we explore, we go here, there and everywhere. I was born in the Coombe Hospital, in Dublin in 1994, two days after I graced my parents with my presence we moved into a 3 bedroom house in Drimnagh;which had the ugliest carpet I’ve ever laid my eyes on, did they not have decent interior designers in the 90s? This house has been my home for the past 21 years. It’s where I’ve celebrated 21 birthdays, where I’ve ate 21 Christmas dinners, where I’ve argued with my sisters countless times over clothes and stolen chocolate, where I’ve fallen off swing sets and where I’ve watched Jurassic Park on TV countless times. It’s where I grew up and where I continue to grow up as I go through my 20’s. However, I am curious about where my next home will be. I’m itching to travel, to hop on a plane, a train, a boat and go somewhere new. I’m overly excited about living abroad for a year or doing an internship in another country. When I think about travelling and discovering new places I realise that I do have more than one place that I consider home.
I feel like I’m right at home when I’m sitting at my Nanny’s dining table with the radio crackling in the background as she potters around the kitchen. I feel like I’m right at home when I’m walking along Dun Laoghaire pier on an Autumn’s evening. I feel like I’m right at home when I’m sitting in the passenger seat of my best friends car singing along to The 1975. I feel like I’m right at home when I’m sitting with my aunty drinking a ridiculous amount of tea on the bench in her back garden. I feel like I’m right at home when I walk into our family friend Jeannette’s house and her dog Sparky runs up to me. Home is all about the people you are with. It’s about the company. The lyrics in the song are so true. Home is wherever I’m with you. You being your friends, your family, your dog, your local butcher, your partner, your great grandfather, your goldfish; whoever makes you feel most at home. 
Tell me where you feel most at home in the comment section below.
Sincerely Yours,

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