I Don’t Like Mondays

This post is for all you people that struggle to function on the tedious day that is Monday. Everybody has their bad days, especially when it comes to Mondays. There is nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn, eating a bowl of Tesco cornflakes and rushing around the house looking for a matching pair of socks, especially when you are hungover. In a fictional, dream world you’d be an organised and responsible person. The kind of person that prepares their work clothes and lays them out the night before, the kind of person that hops out of the bed at 6am and goes for an hour long gym session before work, the type of person that has a green spinach and avocado smoothie for breakfast. The reality is that we are nothing like our wannabe dream world selves. We don’t drink smoothies and go on jogs in the mornings, we brush our teeth over a sink full of dirty dishes as we wait for the kettle to boil.

Monday mornings are a serious struggle. They never seem to go right; from spilling cereal down your top, to missing your bus to wearing your shirt on inside out, there’s a never ending list of things that always seem to backfire on a Monday. The day may seem longer, you may forget to bring lunch with you to work, you may lose your bus ticket on the way to college, however there is no greater feeling than turning the key in your door and collapsing onto your sofa knowing that you won’t have to deal with this day for another week. As you leave the office you resemble Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club, feeling victorious that you have defeated the Monday blues.

Pat yourself on the back because you have battled against this day and won. Take it easy for the night and glue yourself to the sofa. Spend hours scrolling through Netflix in search of something to watch and then settle for that romantic comedy you’ve already watched five times. Order yourself a take away or maybe treat yourself to some of those delightful Tesco cornflakes you had earlier this morning. I’ll be spending the remainder of my Monday watching the last ever episode of My Mad Fat Diary and reading The Great Gatsby. Let me know what your plans are for this Monday night in the comment section below.

Sincerely Yours,


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