Message In A Bottle

This month I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Devon. I’ve got a soft spot for England, so when my Dad asked if I fancied coming along with them I couldn’t say no. Devon is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It was so sunny, so calm and so peaceful. It was exactly what I needed after some not so pleasant months. There was an incredible beach right where we were staying so I made the most of it and visited it as much as I could. We could even see the ocean from our living room window. I have always wanted to live by the beach, so being so close to one for two weeks was heavenly.

On my second last day I visited the beach in the evening time, when it was less packed and when the chances of my skin getting burnt were slimmer. I walked along the beach with my iPod filling my ears with the sounds of the most talented artists; Ben Howard, Florence and the Machine, Rae Morris. I felt really content and relaxed walking on the sand and listening to my music. There was something I wanted to do at the beach before we left so I made sure I got this one thing ticked off my list. I wanted to send a message in a bottle. I’ve always adored the idea of sending letters and postcards, I even had a pen pal for many years and we remain friends to this day. I promised myself before my 21st birthday I would send a message in a bottle and I am so glad that I did it. I’ve got this list of things to do before I turn 21 (I know it’s so cliched, but it’s fun) and I’m slowly ticking them all off one by one. 

Sending a message in a bottle was definitely one of my favourite things to do so far. It was so simple, yet so perfect and soothing. The idea of someone finding your letter and replying to you is so exciting. Who knows how far the bottle will travel. It could end up anywhere. I wrote a very simple short letter, but it’s positive and meaningful. The main message of the letter was to make the most of every second you have. Spend your time doing what makes you happy. That’s exactly what I did on this holiday and especially on the day I sent my message in a bottle. I left my shoes and my bagpack on the sand and went into the sea, let go of my little bottle and watched it sail away. However, I quickly returned to my belongings because a chubby pug was chewing on one of my shoes hehe.
Who knows where the bottle will end up. Who knows who will find it. It might stay floating around the sea forever. It might fill with water and sink to the oceans floor. It might wash up on a beach in America. Maybe nobody will read it or maybe somebody will and they’ll write back to me. Either way it was one of the best things I did. It’s a strangely helpful way to feel calm and to take your mind away from reality for a little bit. I’d highly recommend that you visit a beach and send your own message in a bottle. I’ll end this post with the phrase that I ended my message in a bottle with…
Carpe Diem- Seize The Day.

Sincerely Yours,

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