Meeting Rae Morris

They say never meet your heroes, they’ll only disappoint you. I couldn’t disagree with that statement more. I am a huge fan of English singer, Rae Morris. I’ve fallen in love with her album Unguarded over the past few months, I couldn’t possibly fault it. Her voice is so enchanting, her songs are meaningful and the lyrics are so real and simply stunning. As a writer I really look up to Rae and I adore the stories she tells through her music. Her album has helped me get through the bad days and her songs have inspired me to be more honest in my writing. I feel like it’s so easy to connect with an artist when they’re truthful and when they sing about real life experiences, real love, real hurt, real sadness and real heartache. Rae’s songs are honest which makes them so endearing. I relate to some of the lyrics so much that it scares me, it’s as if I wrote some of the songs myself. I could not recommend this album enough, one of my favourite songs is a track called ‘Not Knowing’. It’s one of the stand out tracks on the album for me and the lyrics are truly beautiful.

“The things we don’t know, they could fill up our bug and the pages you took left me wondering…
Where do I go now, I cannot go home
This story has exposed all my fears of not knowing.”

It’s safe to say that I felt like I was on top of the world when my mam arrived home with two tickets for me and my best friend to see Rae Morris live. On Friday May 15th I went along to see Rae at the Academy Green Room. I love the Academy, it’s one of my favourite venues in Dublin, so I was absolutely delighted when I heard Rae was playing there. The tickets were only sixteen euro so I couldn’t possibly let this opportunity pass by. The last time I seen Rae live was when she supported George Ezra on his tour back in October.  I felt so proud and ecstatic to be seeing her headlining her own show in my hometown. Seeing her name up on the snazzy sign outside the Academy made me so happy (it was also the perfect photo opportunity hehe)

Rae on stage at the Academy Green Room (she’s so cute!)

Rae played a flawless set for over an hour to a welcoming and supportive crowd. I was standing in the second row with the biggest smile on my face as she performed. I was in awe of her. I really couldn’t believe one of my all time favourite singers was right in front of me. One of the loveliest parts of the gig was seeing how grateful and happy she was. She thanked the crowd so many times and had the biggest grin on her face throughout the set. The set list was full of Rae’s electro pop ballads which sound so magical live. I have to say Do You Even Know, For You, Cold, Don’t Go and Closer were my highlights. There’s nothing better than going to see your favourite singer or band live, but when they sound better live than they do on the album it just makes things ten times better. I was full of joy when Rae said her final thank yous and when the crowd cheered loudly as she left the stage. It was without a doubt one of the best gigs I have ever been to. It felt so intimate, so calm and so enchanting. She captivated the audience til the final note of her last song.

Me and Rae hehe this photo makes me smile so much

The gig ended shortly after 10pm and I felt like the happiest person on the planet. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any happier I found out Rae was doing a meet & greet at her merch stand. I queued up and waited eagerly to meet my fellow curly haired, hero. I walked up to Rae and she was so welcoming and friendly. I was a bag of nerves but she was so kind, it felt like I was talking to a friend. She shook my hand and smiled and thanked me for coming to the gig. We chatted about the George Ezra gig and her album and she told me that she loved my curly hair (I may have died for a few seconds, have you seen how amazing her hair is) She signed my poster and ticket and knew how to spell my name properly, unlike 90% of people. “Oh that’s Kat with a K, right?” heheh, there’s another reason why I love her. We took pictures together and I said thank you about twenty times and gushed about how much I love her album. She is the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met. I honestly cannot believe that I met one of my favourite people on the planet. She was so soft spoken and calm and amazing, I adore her so much. I can’t really explain how happy I felt when I met her, it was so special and it truly exceeded my expectations.

If you are ever lucky enough to meet your heroes, your inspirations, your favourite actor, your favourite sports star, your favourite chef, whoever, jump at the chance! It is one of the greatest experiences ever. Meeting Rae Morris was such an honour and it is without a doubt the best moment of 2015 for me.



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