One To Watch: Rae Morris

Rae Morris

I’m always on the look out for new music. There’s nothing better than discovering a new artist or band and diving into a new sea of music. I remember swaying around my room in my pajamas to Florence & the Machine many years ago and falling head over heels in love with her song Cosmic Love. I’ll always treasure the day my best friend introduced me to a band that never fails to put a smile on my face, Two Door Cinema Club. We sat in my kitchen on my 17th birthday eating chocolate cake and listening to Tourist History, an album that changed my life for the better. Yes, we have our favourite artists and bands that we will never get sick of, but there are so many incredible, underrated artists out there. 

On a Monday evening in October 2014 I was lucky enough to go see one of my favourite artists, George Ezra in the Academy, Dublin. Before Ezra graced the stage to perform hits from his phenomenal debut album Wanted On Voyage, a young English singer songwriter took to the stage. Usually during the support acts slot I pay very little attention to them and spend that time grinning like an idiot and getting over excited about seeing the headliner. And yes I admit during this support acts performance I may have nattered about how much I fancy George to my best friend or about how excited I was to hear my favourite song (which is basically every song on his album) live, but I did pay some attention to this curly haired gem that was singing and playing piano on stage. At least enough attention to do a quick YouTube search of her music when I got home after the gig.  Her name is Rae Morris and I am now completely and utterly hooked on her mesmerising electro-pop ballads.

I would like to introduce you to the beautiful and enchanting musician that is Rae Morris. Rae is a 22 year old singer song writer from Blackpool, England. Most young twenty year olds spend their days in lecture halls and spend their nights getting drunk or staying up until 4am watching Gossip Girl on Netflix… I know for a fact that the latter is a lot more enjoyable. However Rae has been spending her days touring with some of the UK’s best artists. These include Bombay Bicycle Club, Lianne La Havas, Noah and the Whale and Tom Odell. 

The music world was graced with a true treasure of an album when Rae released her debut album Unguarded at start of 2015. Unguarded is full of enchanting electro pop ballads, which Rae has described as “diary entries documenting those important years of growing up and learning.” Standout tracks from the album include ‘Closer’, ‘Under The Shadows’ and ‘Don’t Go’ which was featured on the final episode of Skins series six. This endearing album placed at number 9 on the UK album chart and I would urge any music lover to download her album and let this curly haired beauty fill your ears with her captivating and extraordinary voice.

Rae Morris will be touring Europe in mid April and will be supporting Tom Odell on his UK tour this June. For more dates on where you can catch Rae performing live check out her website Also, please check out Rae’s debut album which is available for download on iTunes and Amazon now.

I’m considering hopping on a plane to Germany to see this magical English beauty live, so I’m off to find some cheap flights on the Ryanair website.


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